PT. Menara Santosa was founded on a vision to impact lives through the development of well-planned sustainable independent townships with green environments and first class physical and social infrastructure.
Over years, the Company has proven itself as a highly trusted property developer with the most recognizable brand name and pioneering projects in strategic locations.

Since 2005 the Company has expanded its business portfolio to encompass urban development, large scale integrated development, Commercial Area, Apartment and Leisure.
Menara Santosa is now one of the most distinct property company in Solo with a highly focused-unique business model, and rising retail property industry phenomenon.

Herman Santosa
Founder & CEO

Menara Santosa : Product Menara One
Menara Santosa : Product permata Botanical
Menara Santosa : Product Shailendra
Menara Santosa : Product Permata Village Dealova
Menara Santosa : Product Permata Village Alexandria
Menara Santosa : Product Grand Permata Estate

PT. Menara Santosa

  • Company Hotline +62 271 643100
  • Sales Hotline +62 271 65 65 50